More About Health Screening

As a result of the publication of a recent Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development survey, Britain has been described as the “sick man of Europe” with “heart and cancer survival rates among the worst in the developed world”.*

Cancer incidence rates have been on the increase over the last 30 years** in the UK and the response to it has not been encouraging. The UK health system, generally speaking, diagnoses disease as a result of presented symptoms. The problem with this is that by the time symptoms are evident, disease is often advanced, at which stage treatment success rates decline.

Some points for encouragement:

  • Heart disease affects one in three people in the UK, but the risk of heart attack can be decreased by early detection of calcium in the major heart blood vessels.
  • Colorectal (bowel) cancer is the 2nd biggest killer in the developed world, but survival rates soar to over 95% when diagnosed early. In fact Bowel Cancer Research describe it as “one of the easiest cancers to cure if caught in time.”
  • When detected at an advanced stage, the 5 year survival rate for lung cancer is less than 10%, but when detected at the earliest possible stage, this rises to 70%.***

So early detection of disease and/or prevention through effective screening is a sensible idea to consider.

The benefit you will receive is, at a minimum, peace of mind about the current condition of your heart, lungs and bowel. Early detection of a developing condition in the heart, lungs or bowel could save your life.

* Source: Daily Mail 14th December 2009.
**Source: Cancer Research UK/ Mistry M, Parkin DM, Ahmad A, Sasieni P, Cancer incidence in the UK: Projections to the year 2030, Br J Cancer, 2011. (vol 105) p.1795-1803
***Prof Rudolf M. Huber, University of Munich.